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Interlock House

Concrete Footpads

By Tim Lentz, 2009-06-30 13:24:23

Concrete footpads being removed from their wooden forms.

Remember a week or two ago when I posted a picture of Peter making a form for concrete footpads?  Well the footpads are all done now.  Here the forms are being removed from the footpads.  Now they are ready to be placed under the house.

On a somewhat unrelated sidenote, don't ever say cement when referring to concrete around an architect, they will correct you every time.

Deck Progress

By Tim Lentz, 2009-06-30 11:39:28

Deck boards being screwed down.

Again I've dropped the ball when it comes to loading photos daily.  The roofing was put on yesterday and I missed a lot of good photo opportunities because I couldn't be there.  We started some of the electrical installation yesterday but I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of that either.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some pictures of the electrical work.  Anyhow, what I do have a picture of is the deck being built.  The walking surface of the decks is being attached and they are almost ready to support the many visitors to our house in Washington DC.  Also, the decks are made out of cedar so the warehouse smells great and is moth-free.

More Siding

By Tim Lentz, 2009-06-26 15:22:59

A member of the construction crew secures an aluminum channel before attaching cedar siding.

I'm trying to make up for my lack of entries this week by posting a few today.  Here's another shot of the cedar siding being put up. If I'm correct, I believe this is "sustainably harvested" cedar which is more in line with the sustainable nature of the house than traditionally harvested wood.  As you can see, we also have some decorative aluminum channels to break up the surface a bit.

Woooo Teamwork!

By Tim Lentz, 2009-06-26 14:50:12

Two members of the construction crew attach the cedar siding to the house.

This is the type of helping attitude we like to see on the ISU Solar Decathlon Team.  I'd like to think that the conversation leading up to this photo went like this:

Jimmy: Hey Björn, will you help me with this?

Björn: Sure thing Jimmy!

Jimmy: Ok, just hold this board here while I swing a hammer a few inches from your hand.

Björn: Gladly!

Jimmy: You probably don't want to watch while I do this.

Björn:  Ok, I will admire your work boots instead.  They're a nice shade of leather.

Jimmy: Why, thank you Björn.


Seriously though, the construction team has been putting the cedar siding on the exterior and it looks great.  Nice work construction team! (And thank you to Jimmy and Björn for letting me use their likenesses and make up new names for them) .  Also, I have to point out that the construction crew has been working hard this summer despite the last couple of weeks of very hot and humid weather.  Hang in there guys.

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