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Interlock House

More Site Visit

By Tim Lentz, 2009-05-28 14:10:08

A student on a ladder holding a board

One more construction photo from today. Furring strips are currently being installed to create a cavity in the wall where we can run electrical wiring.

Construction Site Visit

By Tim Lentz, 2009-05-28 14:03:14

Interlock House with middle roof module framing shown

Since we're still trying to finish up our deliverables for the Solar Decathlon organizers, I spend most of my days in my "office" on campus. Today, our IT Manager Eric and I went out to the site to see how things are going and to check out what supplies have arrived at the warehouse. Here you can see that the framing for the middle roof module is under way. Building the middle module in place will ensure a tight fit when we put the house back together on the National Mall. I took a lot of pictures today so I'll post more of them over the next few days.


p.s. Since you're already on our website, why not check out the construction webcam to see how the house is progressing? It's riveting.

Liquid Desiccant Test

By Tim Lentz, 2009-05-27 11:56:47

Plastic cup containing liquid desiccant

This is the liquid desiccant that we are using for the dehumidifier. I filled this cup partway with small white pellets a couple of weeks ago. Desiccants absorb moisture naturally. Eventually the pellets absorbed enough moisture from the air that they have dissolved into a liquid. This liquid will continue to absorb moisture to a certain point. We will be using this liquid in our dehumidifier to dry the air which will reduce the cooling load that the air conditioner needs to handle.

(Special note: can you see the Burns & Mac pen in the background? It is a recycled pen made out of cardboard and balsa wood. I've grown quite attached to these pens, they're kind of cool, go check them out!)

Building Controls

By Tim Lentz, 2009-05-27 10:54:33

TAC Xenta building control unit

The building automation system components have arrived. This is the central control unit that will run the HVAC systems and plumbing pumps.

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