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Interlock House

Tim Reaches New Heights

By Scott Schrage, 2009-10-08 03:20:47

Tim Lentz climbs a ladder to the Interlock House roof.

Engineering Lead Tim Lentz heads to the roof of the Interlock House.

Preparing for the Opening Ceremony

By Scott Schrage, 2009-10-08 02:40:27

Interlock House with Capitol Building in Background

Wednesday was an extremely busy and rather crazy day, to say the least. The team finished putting together the decking, hooking up the electrical system, laying tile in the kitchen, installing the Nanawall and flat-screen television... and the list goes on and on and on. Like many other teams, however, we did encounter a few snags, primarily with our mechanical and water pressure systems. The team will be addressing these issues throughout Thursday as we prepare to welcome President Geoffroy and many other prominent Iowa Staters for a round of tours.

But before we walk them through the Interlock House, we'll witness / participate in the Solar Decathlon opening ceremony, where teams are officially introduced and a few (or, in all probability, many) words will be spoken by the competition's organizers and sponsors.

While we get back to work this morning, here are a few recent highlights:

  • When next-door-neighbor Team Spain had trouble connecting with the D.C. energy grid, we decided to lend them a helping hand (i.e., some of our surplus power).
  • A Solar Decathlon inspector proclaimed the Interlock House fully ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible.
  • BioBased Insulation representatives visited the house and informed us that they chose to support it because they admired its design and the way we intended to use their product (BioBased 1701s insulation).

The Interlock North Doors

By Ulrike Passe, 2009-10-06 13:19:47

4 doors with larg image of Iowa native grass

It is interesting hwo many visitors from Iowa are in Washington DC. We get a lot of great comments on our North door with the routed image of native Iowa grasses!

The happy ones

By Ulrike Passe, 2009-10-06 13:16:22

Tim and Kevin in the mechanical room

Tim and Kevin smile as they pass DC inspection!

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